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Bret A. Broaddus, a.k.a. Mr. Shmooze 
Negotiating Record Breaking Large Cap Trades
An Inside Look at the Success of the Alliance Company...
A Book written by Dr. Larry Keefauver, Bestselling Author!
Record Breaking
“Bret Broaddus is second to none when it comes to Large Cap transactions. He breathed life into a suburban Chicago 60 acre 1.5 million s.f. industrial property...”
 Paul Samek - EVP, CFO Allsteel Corporation | BTR

When Dr. Larry Keefauver, a bestselling author, set out to learn more about the commercial real estate industry, he discovered a commercial real estate operating Company Alliance and Lead which over the past three decades had defied the odds and broken one record after the other. 

"I wanted to learn from some of the most successful CRE operators in America, and found a gem in Bret Broaddus, aka Mr. Shmooze of the Alliance Company," says Dr. Keefauver.   

With more than 6,000 leases, 4,200 acquisitions, 7,400 dispositions, 2,050 built to suit, 5,500 structured finance and 130 plus account services, Alliance is truly a leader in the Commercial Real Estate Industry. 

Spending more than 15 hours interviewing Bret Broaddus, Dr. Larry came away with a book that provides many of the secrets behind the success of the Alliance Company. 

Negotiating Record Breaking Large Cap Trades is a broker's guide to efficiently scaling commercial real estate trades. Keefauver shares the secrets to Bret Broaddus' and Alliance's success through straightforward actionable advice that will help you take your brokerage to the next level. 

This book will give you tools and wisdom in how to overcome the odds, and crush it in the commercial real estate industry.

A Few Things You’ll Learn
From This Book
  • To not settle for an enemy called Average, but reach production levels that breaks records.
  • How to move from $5 million to $50+ million trades. 
  • Master the art of selling through relationships. 
“I found Bret to be a tireless and productive worker when we worked together. His new book identifies the basic success factors essential in our business. The Alliance case studies contained are evidence of his drive for pure production.”
Vern Schultz - SIOR, Executive Vice President Colliers International

This book is written for brokerage professionals who refuse to be content with operating at average or even above average in their transaction processes. They strive to execute Large Cap transaction closures that often generate significant financial results. They envision successful executions that always exceed their previous best market or submarket-specific trade.

“I greatly appreciate Bret’s unique talents. Bret has strong relationships with all of his clients, which include many Fortune 500 companies. This enables an efficient transaction initiation to close process.”
Bill Krug - Managing Principal, K5 Family Office
Interview Topics
  • The Art of Selling Through Relationships 
  • The Secret to Winning and Executing Big Trades
  • Refusing To Be Content with Average
About Bret Broaddus

Bret Broaddus, with more than 25 years of CRE advisory and principal underwriting oversight, serves as Managing Principal of the Alliance Company.

In the mid-80s, Broaddus formed TeamOne that is now recognized for the largest-ever executions in 47 US marketplaces, including the largest known IND single-asset traded worldwide. Broaddus has also served as Senior Managing Director, President Account Services at CBRE overseeing the completion of 10 of the largest single corporate portfolios transacted, including the largest known transaction in several of those markets throughout North America.

Broaddus is also actively involved with charitable causes and has held directorship with Junior Achievement and St. Jude.

“Bret expanded TeamOne while at CBRE that initiated several specialty practice areas not previously identified by the firm; significantly advanced the scope and quality of the firm’s traditional work product; and delivered the highest revenue and profits of all production units of the firm.”
Ray Wirta - CEO, Chairman of the Board CBRE
Interview Questions for Bret Broaddus
  • This book is about your team at Alliance's amazing success in negotiating the largest large cap trades in virtually all of the US major market service areas. Give us a brief history of the Alliance Company, the work product and CRE work space in which Alliance has had success over the past 25 years.
  • Negotiating Record Breaking Large Cap Trades also provides case studies of these large cap trades including the largest cap trade in square feet in history. Please give us an overview of that largest transaction and a few of the other trades as well that are unusual and unique. 
  • The book also reveals some of the success factors in your team's work practice that Commercial Private Operators can benefit from executing in their work. As a sneak preview, one success attitude in those factors is that the enemy is average...and your team's work product has been described as pure production. What do you mean by that?
  • This book reveals the launching of a new and exciting opportunity for CPOs. Will you please describe concisely something about this expansive-business opportunity and why it's so important for commercial private operators to get this book?
An Inside Look at the Success of the Alliance Company...
record breaking
large cap trades
Mill City Press
Hardcover: 172 pages
April 1, 2018
Retail Price: $19.99
“Focused relationships with Sector Lead oversight and asset specific concentration renders large cap trade sourcing”
-Bret A. Broaddus, Managing Principal, The Alliance Company
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